11 Best Shoes For Standing All Day 2024, According to Reviewers

Of course, those who stand up all day for work have extra high standards to meet when narrowing down their choices. Their best solution? Sneakers, says Miguel Cunha, DPM, a podiatrist at Gotham Footcare. “They’re designed to withstand the most rigorous and brutal forces on your feet.” That said, if you simply can’t wear athletic shoes to your place of employment, there are key factors to consider when choosing an alternative. The ideal place to start is with the specific needs of your foot.

“A pointed, tight, confining shoe is not going to be good for people with bunions,” says Dr. Cunha, who suggests something with a wider toe box instead. Those with plantar fasciitis (a condition where the band of tissue on the bottom of your foot is irritated), should avoid super flat designs like ballet slippers. “They’re not going to have arch support,” he explains. Those who suffer from it—including this writer—are better served by footwear with plenty of cushion as well as a rigid heel cup (if your shoes doesn’t measure up, you can also buy inserts). And pumps, he says, are not really ideal for anyone. But if you simply must wear them, he strongly suggests sticking to something lower than an inch and a half. “[It also helps] if you have some type of ankle wrap or a strap that’s giving you some support so you’re not so wobbly.”

Sporty stalwarts such as Brooks Running and Hoka, have been hustling overtime to create models that’ll soothe all manner of foot issues when you’re pounding the pavement. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true classic, Dansko and Crocs both have rave reviews—and a bit of ironic fashion cred. And if you’re interested in something more designer, Prada offers a sleek status sandal that our sources report as supportive enough to still feel good after hoofing it for several hours straight.

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