21 Best Low Platform Bed Frames at Every Price Point in 2023

By now you’ve probably noticed that the best low platform bed frames are taking over Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok feeds. The minimalist bedroom aesthetic lends itself to a stylishly undone aesthetic: the bed sheets tousled just so, piles of books on the floor, a cup of tea resting on the nightstand. It’s only natural to want in.

As the lines between work, rest, and entertainment spaces have blurred, the bedroom (or bedding) have only become more centralized in our lives. Bed frames aren’t just there to prop up your mattress; they’re a tone-setter in taste, as well as the foundation for an essential space to hang out and simply be. And although most bedroom decor trends eventually pass, it’s clear that low platform bed frames will never go out of style—they deliver an accessible refinement that’s photogenic and almost too easy to collapse into.

Ready to give your bedroom a major upgrade? We scoured the internet to find the very best low profile bed frames money can buy, including handsome, solid wood options that have headboards from brands like Floyd and Thuma; unexpected gems from Anthropologie, Thuma, Helix, and Casper; budget-friendly, bare-bones frames from Amazon that bring your bed a bit off the ground without breaking the bank. All of our picks below reflect queen-size frames, and there’s one at every price point. Grab a few plants, pick up a brand-new set of silk pillowcases and cozy duvet, and prepare for the immaculate, Insta-ready vibes to come. (PS: Many of these are on early Black Friday sale—and may drop even more on the actual day!)

Our top picks:

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