22 Best No-Show Socks for Women, According to Reviews 2023

Tracking down the best no-show socks for women should be easy—there are multipacks of these wardrobe essentials available almost everywhere—but more often than not, it’s a pain. Far too many pairs slip out of place, peek out at the worst moments, or shrink in the wash. We’ve been through it all, and we’re here to help you find comfy, invisible picks (most of which you can easily shop on Amazon).

There’s more to no-show socks than meets the eye. As anyone who’s endured an afternoon of walking around with blisters knows, it’s essential that you pick a cut that’s right for your specific type of shoe, whether it’s white sneakers, chunky loafers, ballet flats, or even heels. You’ll probably want to cover any skin that’ll rub against your footwear. Fabric is also important: Cotton offers a soft feel, polyester helps wick sweat away, elastane offers stretch, and wool fights odors. Most pairs offer some blend of these materials. You should also consider what’s keeping your sock pick in place—silicone heel tabs and tight cuffs are popular to prevent bunching. Plus, if you’re exercising or breaking in a new pair of workout shoes, you might want to spring for extra padding at the heel to cut down on friction.

Although the list of grievances caused by ill-fitting low-cut socks is long, the ones on this list don’t slip (and are objectively cute). These are the very best women’s no-show socks right now, according to the Glamour editors who have worn them, as well as rave reviews from shoppers we spoke to.

Best No-Show Socks for Women 2023

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