Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon Wedding Drama: Is It Rude to Vlog at an Influencer’s Wedding?

It’s not shocking that Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon’s wedding would make for some good content. The couple are both creators with approximately 40 million combined followers across their various platforms and even starred in the surprisingly depressing and introspective Netflix docuseries Hype House in 2022.

But it turns out that even TikTokers have their limits as to how much of their lives can be filmed. The couple’s recent wedding is now at the center of an online firestorm after one of their guests filmed their entire big day and posted it all, and got lambasted as a result.

Here’s everything you need to know about this latest internet drama in this edition of TL;DR.

Give me the TL;DR.

An influencer named Lilah Gibney is getting eviscerated online after she posted a vlog of fellow content creators Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon’s wedding.

Wait, I need more. What’s the background here?

Alex Warren, 23, and Kouvr Annon, 24, are two content creators who blew up as part of TikTok’s content house the “Hype House” in the late 2010s and early 2020s. They’ve been dating since they were teenagers in 2018 and collectively have millions upon millions of followers.

In 2022, the couple starred in the Netflix docuseries Hype House. Both told the cameras they had experienced rough childhoods full of tumult, and their ascension from that to online stars, as well as the anxiety they felt about maintaining their incomes and status, were a key part of the series. (In one scene, Warren pretends to propose to Annon for content, which visibly saddens her.) Since the show filmed, the couple has, thankfully, moved out of the so-called Hype House and got engaged for real on New Year’s Eve of 2022. Warren has also embarked on a music career, and both continue to work as content creators.

On Saturday, June 22, the couple tied the knot. Of course, many fans were dying to see details from their big day, but for some, it came from an unexpected source. It seems the first piece of content from the wedding they saw was from a guest—more specifically, another influencer named Lilah Gibney. Gibney, who has about 200,000 followers combined on TikTok and Instagram, posted a now-deleted YouTube video the next day titled, “I caught the bouquet at Alex & Kouvr’s WEDDING,” that documented the entire wedding from her perspective as well as TikTok and Instagram posts.

Well, they’re influencers right? What’s the big deal? A few days later, TikToker Mattie Westbrouck (who boasts their own 4.5 million followers on the app) posted a video in which they said they didn’t understand why someone would post a vlog about a wedding that wasn’t theirs.

“It’s a wedding, it’s not a theme park, like maybe be in the moment a little bit,” they said.

Westbrouck’s comments soon filled up with people agreeing, and then Annon reposted the video to her page. Does this mean she agrees with Westbrouck’s take and was calling out Gibney? Jury’s still out, but it may not matter because now everyone thinks so anyway.

What does the internet think?

People are pissed at Gibney, and it’s getting intense.

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