An Honest Guide To HR Tech Marketing Success

An Honest Guide To HR Tech Marketing Success

Understand The 4 Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey

From the moment clients are aware of your brand to finally making a purchase, there are 4 stages HR tech marketing specialists should know. First, potential buyers realize they have an issue and do their research to find a solution. Maybe they have faulty onboarding processes and need to fix them. At the next stage, they discover your brand and understand that the types of solutions you offer can help them. As they dig deeper, they get a better understanding of your HR software’s capabilities and unique characteristics. During this phase, they also compare your brand with others and try to “crown” a winner. In the end, clients make their decision and buy your product.

Sounds simple, right? To win over all these other companies and their products, you must invest in content marketing for B2B and provide material your clients will consume. Attracting them to your website, landing page, and social media should be your initial focus. High-quality content showcases your expertise and thought leadership, painting a credible image of your brand. Keep reading to find out how you can build a powerful marketing strategy for technology companies.

Increase Your HR Software’s Sales Through Smart Marketing

Overcome challenges and use brilliant tips to market your HR tech solution.

Challenges HR Tech Marketing Faces And Their Solutions

1. Not Building Brand Awareness

How can customers buy your solution when they don’t even know your brand? Strengthening your efforts in the awareness stage means that you have to invest in content marketing for HR tech. Blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, and infographics shine a bright light on your product and how it helps B2B companies. But don’t leave your customers outside of the equation. Many HR software companies focus solely on their products and their properties and forget to take their clients’ needs into consideration. Show your audience that you care about their pain points and are helping them overcome them. eLearning Industry can help you create educational eBooks and engaging webinars to attract leads.

2. HR Tech Is Quite Complicated

HR software is usually quite complex for HR managers and other corporate professionals to understand off the bat. To avoid losing customers due to all the technical jargon, you should provide them with whitepapers, technical papers, detailed demos and tutorials, and step-by-step guides. Content marketing for tech companies should be comprehensible and easily digestible even by people with little relevant knowledge. You may also create explainer videos and use either animations or an instructor. Try to mention as few technicalities as possible.

3. The Sale Cycle Is Too Long

The average sale cycle length for HR software is one to two months, while some companies may take more than four months to make a decision. This is because HR leaders need to test all viable solutions and their capabilities. They must ensure that their chosen product is fully updated and in line with industry trends. HR tech agencies can create lead magnets to attract potential customers and feed them quality content during all stages of the sales funnel. The more informed and engaged customers are, the easier and quicker they’ll make a decision and purchase your software.

4. Lack Of Engagement

Most HR tech marketing agencies believe that it’s much easier to retain customers than acquire new ones. But how do you keep them engaged so they don’t churn? Just because they made one purchase from you doesn’t mean that they’ll keep doing business with you. That’s why you should keep promoting your content post-sale and upselling solutions. For instance, if you’re adding new, upgraded features or training material, inform them via email. You may even build an online community for existing clients so they can network with other companies and share their insights. Such a move creates a sense of loyalty and trust toward your brand. eLearning Industry offers a variety of content marketing services, including email marketing campaigns so you can keep your audience informed and engaged.

5. The Market Is Crowded

What makes your HR tech company different from other players in the game? If your brand looks like just another company that offers basic HR software, no one will show tremendous interest in buying your product. Your B2B content marketing should highlight your unique characteristics and capabilities. This means that you should have a unique selling point (USP), which is one of the most effective ways to convert website visitors. Additionally, you should create comparison blog posts that propel your brand ahead of your competition. Keep your content updated based on industry trends and provide feature breakdowns so clients know exactly what to expect from your solution.

8 Tips To Create Effective Marketing Campaigns For HR Tech

1. Craft A Strong Brand Story

HR tech marketers understand that marketing isn’t all about the product you offer but also about your brand. Clients care equally about the integrity and loyalty of your brand as they care about your HR tech software’s capabilities. You want your customers to feel connected to you and build long-lasting professional relationships rooted deeply in trust and respect. Therefore, your promotional campaigns should be customer-centric, taking their needs and pain points into account. This means that your customer service representatives should be sympathetic, eager to help, and listen actively to people’s requirements. As a result, you’ll build deep connections, long-lasting engagement, and commitment with your client base. Do you have trouble writing content that resonates with your audience? We can help you with that by curating compelling content.

2. Create A Content Strategy

Marketing to B2B takes a lot of effort and requires a solid content creation and publication strategy. What are you writing about, and when are you publishing your content? Do thorough research regarding what your potential clients care about and how your product resonates with these subjects. For instance, your target audience may be interested in reducing quiet quitting and increasing engagement levels. Your HR tech software may offer features that onboard and train employees effectively so they feel connected to their company. Make sure your content caters to all funnel stages. How often should you publish content, though? That depends on your resources. However, once a week may not be enough. Try to publish content daily. Investing in quality rather than quantity is best, so even one blog post a day can do the job.

3. Focus On Your Tech’s Outcomes

Companies looking into buying HR software want to see results and specific features. That’s why HR tech marketing should focus on the outcomes their solution offers. What does that mean exactly? Well, agencies offering tech marketing services should create case studies and highlight triumphant reviews. Your case studies should be detailed, mentioning exactly what the initial pain points were and how your software helped a company overcome its struggles. Also, reviews are key for most clients when trying to purchase a product. You may ask your happy customers to provide you with user-generated content (UGC) and use it to create blog posts or videos. So, don’t focus too much on the technical aspects, but address common challenges your solution can fix.

4. Create Comparisons

Think about what you do every time you want to buy something. Don’t you compare providers until you find the one that suits your needs? This is exactly what companies do when they search for HR tech software. One of the best SaaS content writing examples is creating comparison blog posts and even videos. Help your target audience understand what differentiates you from your competition and how your product’s features and capabilities stack up against similar solutions. Maybe you can find other articles online that have already created such comparisons and given you an edge. Use them as honest material to showcase expertise and authority.

5. Establish Thought Leadership

Toward the bottom of the funnel, clients require proof of expertise. They want to make sure that you are their best choice. How do you prove that, though? Showcasing thought leadership means that you create different types of content that answer common questions. You may even launch a marketing tech podcast to discuss trending topics and pressing industry matters. By taking a stand and expressing thought-provoking opinions, you build trust and prove that you are willing to break the mold. In addition, you can invite experts in the HR tech marketing world to share their opinions. Be consistent with what you preach and show how your company’s actions align with these ideals. For instance, if you keep mentioning how important employee engagement is, your software must provide tools to help businesses increase it among their teams.

6. Create Lead Magnets

One of the most popular and engaging content marketing ideas high-tech marketing often utilizes is lead magnets. Remember all those high-quality eBooks, webinars, whitepapers, and case studies you’ve created? You can use them to capture more leads and push them down the sales funnel. These leads can come in the form of gated content so you can collect potential clients’ email addresses while you provide them with meaningful and educational material. You may then add these addresses to your email marketing sequences and promote your content and products. To generate hype around these magnets, you can use your SEO skills to help them rank highly on SERPs and social media platforms. Also, add your magnet ideas to your emails to create even more excitement about your HR tech software.

7. Use Multiple Channels For Promotion

If you are looking for effective B2B marketing strategy examples, there are many you can choose from, depending on your needs and objectives. But how do you execute your content marketing plan when everything is ready to roll? You need to build a promotional workflow, meaning that you need to pick the channels you’ll utilize. You can adopt a holistic approach and invest in social media, your weekly or monthly newsletter, and building dofollow backlinks. But not all social media platforms are created equal. B2B tech companies will probably use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have no idea how to create backlinks, we can help you with that. Just book your free strategy call to get more details.

8. Invest In Partnership Campaigns

There are many different ways you and your HR tech content agency can create a partnership campaign. First, you can launch an affiliation partnership, where other publishers, websites, and bloggers promote your HR software to their audiences. Each partner receives a small percentage of every sale generated by their unique links. Another tool companies often use to promote their brand is through charitable sponsorships, exhibitions, and award shows. You could provide sponsorships for other events, too, including sports and media. Make sure that the events you choose are relevant to your niche and can generate leads. For instance, there is no point in promoting HR tech at local events centered around businesses in the hospitality industry.

How Is HR Tech Marketing Utilizing AI?

The vast majority of tech marketing agencies say that they utilize GenAI for content marketing purposes. However, very few of them purchase these tools and instead use the free versions. The benefits of AI in marketing are undeniable, as it helps marketers research popular headlines and keywords, proofread, and even create videos and audio. The algorithm also understands the requirements of each customer and provides them with relevant content that appeals to their interests. For instance, eBay utilized an AI tool to craft personalized messages to customers based on their browsing and purchase history. This means that you can increase your email click-through rates by making every headline sound personal. One of the top applications of Artificial Intelligence in content marketing is topic generation. Doing manual research to find out which topics are trending is time-consuming. But delegating this task to AI can be both time-efficient and successful.

Key Takeaway

HR tech marketing is projected to reach $76.5 billion by 2031 as the hybrid working model and automation are steadily taking over the corporate world. This means that more HR tech marketers will need to enter the workplace and find unique ways to improve their company’s marketing results. How are you approaching your product’s promotional efforts? If you feel like you need help, we have a few links with valuable information for you to check out:

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