Anyone who loves pizza should be rooting for a doink in the Super Bowl

There is still a week and change to go between now and the Super Bowl, but odds are you have at the very least started to plan what you are going to eat.

I’d imagine that there will be some sort of wings or nachos option to start, maybe somebody’s famous dip, but at the end of the day there will be a main course so to speak.

Perhaps you will go big and do a brisket like me (nbd) but maybe you decide to go with an all-time classic… a pizza pie.

Pizza makes all the sense in the world for football and therefore for The Big Game. There are obviously a lot of options for pizzas that vary in price, but can I interest you in one that is free?

That’s right I said free. If a kicker doinks a kick in the Super Bowl, the almighty doink, then you can win a free pizza from DiGiorno. We must all be rooting for doinks.

How do I know this, though? I am so happy you asked. My good friends Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen told me when I talked to them in a video that you can watch by way of the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. You can also listen to our conversation on Friday’s edition of The SB Nation NFL Show.

I’m sure that you think that me calling KB and Greg my ‘good friends’ is a stretch but as a Dallas Cowboys fan I know them rather well. Burkhardt, Olsen, Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi did an incredible 9 Dallas Cowboys games throughout the 2023 season.

Among the more memorable moments that this crew produced actually involved a kicker missing a field goal which bodes well for pizza purposes. If you did not know, Cowboys rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey had literally not missed a field goal through the first 16 games of the regular season. When he lined up for one in Week 18 on the road against Washington… Burkhardt made it a point to bring this up, Olsen joked about an announcer’s jinx, and Aubrey had his kick blocked. Boom.

Shockingly Aubrey would go on to miss another kick in the game before making one and calming the waters, but his shot at a perfect season was well over by then. Thankfully Aubrey still projects to be a top kicker for the foreseeable future, but the whole sequence was really quite amazing so I obviously brought it up to them.

What makes the situation even funnier in hindsight is the added context of what the FOX crew discussed the night before. Burkhardt and Olsen told the story together during our conversation.

Hopefully Kevin Burkhardt is channeling whatever he can into a kicker offering a doink during the Super Bowl so that we can all have free pizza. Find out more information about the promotion right here.

Our thanks to Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen and DiGiorno for the time.

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