Biden Gives Howard Stern An Interview Instead Of The New York Times

President Biden has responded to The New York Times complaining about not getting an interview with him by giving Howard Stern an exclusive interview.

Here is what Biden is doing this morning:

Biden and his administration view their presidency one for the middle class that doesn’t cater to the elite. A New York Times reporter recently admitted that the paper has been biased against Biden and has been giving the President negative coverage because their publisher is upset that President Biden will not give them an exclusive interview.

I am sure that the Stern interview was scheduled way in advance, but it is quite the coincidence that the President sits down with a radio host that the Times would find to be an insult instead of them.

There is a political strategy at work here. Biden needs to activate Democratic leaning voters who might not been deeply engaged or committed to following the election. Biden doesn’t need New York Times readers. He needs voters who may not be following the news very much right now.

It seems like Joe Biden will give entertainment outlets like Howard Stern and late night talk shows one hundred interviews before he ever sits down with the increasingly arrogant and entitled New York Times.

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