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Biden Impeachment Is Going Down In Flames As GOP Is 20 Votes Short

Even after more than a year of investigating President Biden, House Republicans remain 20 votes short, as impeachment looks doubtful.

CNN reported:

A growing number of senior House Republicans are coming to terms with a stark realization: It is unlikely that their monthslong investigation into Joe Biden will actually lead to impeaching the president.


While no formal whip count ahas been conducted, one GOP lawmaker estimated there are around 20 House Republicans who are not convinced there is evidence for impeachment, and Republicans can only lose two votes in the current House margins.


The prospect of their inquiry not culminating in impeachment has prompted some internal frustration among Republicans, with finger-pointing already underway in GOP circles about what went wrong – and who is to blame.

It has been known for months that House Republicans do not have the votes to impeach President Biden. but the situation became especially dire when the Republican House majority decreased through expulsions and resignations to two seats.

The pro-impeachment Republicans would have to convince 90% of those who don’t believe that enough evidence exists to vote for impeaching the President.

Once the calendar moved into an election year, the odds of impeachment decreased. The nearly 20 House Republicans in districts that Biden won don’t want anything to do with impeachment.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer’s (R-KY) investigation has been called an embarrassment and a disaster by his fellow House Republicans, so much of the blame for the flailed investigation should fall on his shoulders.

The biggest problem that Republicans faced while trying to impeach President Biden was that he didn’t do anything wrong.

The effort to impeach Biden was a complete waste of time that should go down as one of the biggest failures by a House majority in modern history.

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