Biden Visits 8 Swing States In 18 Days As Trump Hides

President Biden has been on the road campaigning in swing states over the last two plus weeks while Trump is holed up at his club.

Jonathan Lemire summarized the difference in the two campaigns on MSNBC:

This is part of the president’s re-election campaign with the president visiting eight swing states in 18 days. Throughout the month, Biden crisscrossed the country, visiting the Southwest, Blue Wall, and the South. Campaign stops focused on border security, lowering healthcare and housing costs, and celebrating CHIPS And Science Act investments.

In the states he visited, Biden won three, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona, by less than’s about what we’ve seen from the president since the State Of The Union address. He reassured Democrats. Democrats were nervous that he wasn’t up for the job. That clearly worked. But it also kicked off this blitz of travel where he’s raising a lot of money. He has a huge fund-raiser tomorrow with New York City with former presidents Obama and Clinton. Contrast that to trump who is barely on the road at all.

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The fact that Donald Trump isn’t campaigning, and it has been nearly two weeks since he has done anything on the campaign trail needs to get more attention. The reality is that before these past two weeks, Trump was only campaigning once a week on Saturdays.

Donald Trump is acting like he is an incumbent who has the advantage in the election.

Republicans and the media fearmongered about President Biden being too old to do the job, but Biden is currently literally running circles around Donald Trump.

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