Biden’s Support For Unions Results In Record Worker Pay Increase

President Biden has been a loud and vocal supporter of unions, resulting in a record pay increase for workers.

Biden Helps Unions Deliver Record Pay Increase

Bloomberg reported:

Union contracts negotiated in 2023 gave workers an average first-year wage increase of 6.6%, the highest average pay raise for any year since Bloomberg Law began tracking union wage settlements in 1988.

With signing bonuses and other lump-sum payments added to the calculations, 2023’s average first-year wage increase was 7.3%, also a record high, according to Bloomberg Law’s latest Quarterly Union Wage Data report.

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The 2023 calculations are based on Bloomberg Law’s analysis of wage changes that were reported in 952 union contracts ratified last year, covering a total of approximately 2.8 million union-represented workers nationwide.

Because President Biden supported unions, and his actions as president to protect and encourage unionization, millions of workers saw their negotiated pay increase last year.

United Steelworkers Formally Endorse President Biden

United Steelworkers President David McCall said in the statement endorsing President Biden, “President Biden proved time and again during his first term that he stands with working families. His vision and leadership allowed our nation to strengthen workers’ access to collective bargaining, grow the middle class, and embark on a path to widespread prosperity. Our members told us that they value retirement security, affordable health care and labor laws that support our ability to form unions and negotiate strong contracts. President Biden’s record on all these issues speaks for itself. He also laid out a strong plan for building on this momentum well into the future.”

Unions know that President Biden has stood with them and, more importantly, put actions behind his words.

Many Democrats have only come around to talk to unions when they need an endorsement or votes, but Biden has been there for unions because unions help people reach and stay in the middle class. Another Biden term could mean that the resurgence of unionization will continue in the United States.

Biden’s policies equal better wages, and that is a message that he can take to voters in November.

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