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Bill Maher Calls Out Robert Hur’s Bias In A Single Joke

Bill Maher called the Hur Report loaded and called out the Special Counsel report’s bias in his Real Time monologue.

Maher said:

And then, the special counsel that was investigating the document scandal, remember the document scandal? Trump had his documents by the toilet, and Biden has his by his old Corvette. Okay. So the report comes out, and this guy, who is a Trump appointee, who is the prosecutor, Uh, it was very much like the Comey letter said.

No, no criminal charges, but then he spent 300 pages calling Biden Mr. Magoo, basically. He’s, he’s, this is the words from the report. That Biden’s a well meaning elderly man with diminished faculties and advancing age. Come on. Well,

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I don’t want to say this thing is loaded, but the final line of the report was, I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.


The Hur report doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone outside of those on the right who really want to believe that Joe Biden is senile. However, claims of Biden’s senility run counter to Trump’s main conspiracy theory that Biden is the mastermind behind all of the prosecutions against him.

According to MAGA, Biden is both a good-hearted elderly man with diminished faculties and a mastermind who is running a conspiracy to get Trump locked up.

The Hur report is a con. Maher was right. The only thing missing from the report was an endorsement from Donald Trump.

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