Brittany Mahomes Had a Sassy, Yet Classy, Response to the Haters After the Chiefs' Win

The great David S. Pumpkins once asked, “any questions?” And with what I imagine is the exact same intonation, Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, just asked, “anyone have anything else to say?” And then she added a smiley face, because her husband is going to the Super Bowl, and you’re just some person online. Bless your heart.

(Brittany) Mahomes is often the target of ire from both Chiefs fans and detractors, for reasons we don’t need to get into. And after the team won the Super Bowl last year, pressure must have been high this year to win, win, win every game. So when her husband led the team to victory over the Baltimore Ravens and secured them a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl LVII, Mahomes rightfully decided the discussion was over. They’re winners, deal with it.


Posting a picture of herself and Patrick to her Instagram Stories, the mom of two wrote, “We went there. We won. Anyone have anything else to say? See yall in Vegas,” and added the heart-hands emoji, which is not just a Taylor Swift thing, but is a Taylor Swift thing.


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