Dad’s adorable convo with his baby girl about fashion is *everything*

If there’s a type of content we love, no matter how many times it goes viral, it’s a dad having a full-blown conversation with an infant. And today’s entry into that category is no exception. Prepare to absolutely lose your cool when you see the cuteness that is Ohio dad Frank Aaron Brown chatting away about fashion with his 4-month-old daughter Halani.

I know you’re just here for the video, so here you go.

The vid was posted by Brown’s wife, Nikki Vera Brown, and has since gotten a well-deserved more than 1 million views. It shows Brown getting his baby daughter dressed for the day and, in the process, talking through her various outfit choices with her while she smiles, laughs, and gurgles along with him.

“We got two outfits — yay!” he says as he offers up some choices.

“Look, you got some flower pants with the pink shirt or you can wear the pink pants with the ruffles on the butt. And it’s got the ‘Love’ on the shirt! Look at that, it says love,” Brown says, underlining the word with his finger while Halani gurgles in absolute delight. The love between these two is just palpable and our hearts cannot take it.

“You want to wear that one?” Brown asks. “Yeah, OK, OK. We’ll wear this one today and we’ll wear this one tomorrow.”

And just when you think you’re going to explode from the cuteness of it all, they move on to accessories.

“Which bow are you going to wear? You want to wear the pink? Or you want to wear the tan?” Brown asks. “OK, we’ll go with the tan. I like that. Not too much pink. OK, girl!”

All along, Halani is still making happy noises. When she’s finally dressed and ready, Brown says, “You got your clothes out. Where are you going? Do you like your outfit? Or are your pants too tight? I think these are one month too small.”

In the caption, his wife wrote, “I love him as a girl dad,” and we truly couldn’t agree more. Neither could commenters. 

“This was a full-blown conversation and they both understood each other. I was so invested in her choices,” one wrote.

Another added, “This is exactly how parents should talk to their kids.”

We agree, and more content like this, please.

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