David Beckham Calls Wife Victoria ‘Dramatic’ in Candid Workout Pic

In relatable news, Victoria Beckham just got snapped by her husband David Beckham after (or maybe even during) her workout with their personal trainer, Bobby Rich. Sharing a photo of his wife lying with her arms splayed theatrically across the floor, David quipped: “Not that my wife’s dramatic or anything, but this is what happened this morning,” complete with an eye-roll emoji.


Isn’t Victoria basically all of us after being subjected to a torturous session in the gym? Whether we’re climbing on the stair machine (the definition of hell on earth), lifting a hefty set of weights, or running on the treadmill on an incline and at speed, it’s quite natural to collapse on the floor once the task is finally complete.

Having shared VB’s five-day-a-week workout routine with Vogue only last week, Rich revealed that he subjects the pair to cycles of weight training, cardiovascular work, recovery, and endurance training, depending on which part of his yearlong plan they’re at.

“[Victoria] does a lot of dumbbell, barbell, and bodyweight work, and I incorporate lots of functional and compound movements—using two or three joints and muscle groups—each time,” he explained, noting that this is the way to build lean muscle and develop strength, improving bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis as you get older.

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