Dear Child on Netflix: This German Thriller Series Won’t Let You Sleep at Night

Hailey Louise Jones (Paradise) plays police officer Aida Kurt, who has a big heart but is merciless when it comes to finding the kidnapper. And finally, Julia Jenkins (Dark) plays Lena’s mother, a woman who is simply trying to survive everyday life after her daughter’s disappearance 13 years ago. Lena, who is shown in flashbacks and disappeared without a trace after a party 13 years ago, is played by Jeanne Goursaud (Barbarians).

Hans Löw (the Ferdinand von Schirach series) plays police officer Gerd Bühling, whom Lena’s disappearance brought to the brink of a nervous breakdown more than once. The role of Lena’s father, who is convinced that his daughter is still alive, is embodied by Justus von Dohnányi (First Name). And Sammy Schreib plays Jonathan, Hannah’s brother, who, unlike his big sister, is completely distraught when rescued.

When is Dear Child available on Netflix?

The series, which consists of six episodes, started streaming on September 7, 2023.

Who should watch Dear Child?

Dear Child is by far the most exciting thriller series that’s appeared on Netflix in recent months. This is, of course, due to the story by Romy Hausmann, but also to the actors’ performances and the skilled camera work: Only as a viewer do you know that someone is watching very closely what Jasmin and Co. are doing. Who that is, however, remains hidden from the audience, which creates even more suspense.

And it’s remarkable that the women—Jasmin, Hannah, Lena’s mother, and the police officers including Aida Kurt—drive the story in Dear Child. Whether it’s through suffering, horror, fear of death, ignorance, curiosity, or caring, the complete spectrum of womanhood is depicted and dissected at once.

Kim Riedle as Jasmin


On top of that, the story in Dear Child is designed in such a way that one might be tempted to watch the entire series through to the end immediately. But that could prove difficult for the not so hardcore: Between bombs exploding and gruesome truths coming to light, suspense reigns supreme in the series. It’s the kind of tension that will have you clawing your fingernails into your pillows and sitting upright on the couch with your pulse racing. In short, Dear Child is an absolute must-see.

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