Dua Lipa Just Debuted the Coolest Take on Aura Nails

Leave it to manifestation mani pioneer Dua Lipa to not just debut but completely redefine one of summer’s biggest nail trends….and to do so nearly two months before the season even begins.

The “Dance the Night” singer recently attended and performed at the TIME100 Gala in coquette-inspired sheer custom Chanel couture, which we already knew. What we didn’t realize was how iconic Lipa’s nails were at the time.

Fortunately, nails like those last a few weeks, meaning Lipa is still out and about and photographing—and, therefore, posting up-close pictures to Instagram of—the nail design. So we don’t just have a better look but also much more clear pictures to screenshot for when we inevitably try to re-create them at home or bring them to the salon for inspo. Or both!

Created by celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri, Lipa’s mani is a rock‘n’roll and goth glam take on aura nails, which Juli Russell, Sally Beauty DIY nail expert, had literally just picked as one of her top nail trends ahead of summer. Great minds! “Aura nails have been the rising star this season and will continue to shine bright for summer,” Russell told Glamour.

As for what aura nails are? Similar to blush nails, aura nails feature the seamless blending of colors, usually two, creating an aura-like gradient orb on your nails.

dua lipa aura nails

“What makes this nail art so popular is the endless color combo possibilities,” Russell says. Lipa’s latest mani more than proves that. Traditionally, aura nails combine hot pinks atop a nude base, like “blush nails,” but Lipa’s version seems to have blended moody dark blue and gray like stone nails.

Other options, according to Russell, are fairy-inspired aura nails (or seashell nails), which combine countless pastels and colors of the rainbow. Or, you know, whatever else you can dream up. “The combos are literally endless,” Russell says.

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