Editor’s Letter: Men of Ideas

There’s only one way for Sammy Hagar to rock, which is why he’s still firing on all cylinders late into an hour-long conversation about everything from his tequila and rum empire to why he’s having as much fun as ever at age 75 playing music with his band, The Circle.

But, now, the famed Red Rocker and former front man for Van Halen is ruing his age, if only just a bit.

Because if he were 55 or 60, “I’d run for president,” Sammy says.

“I don’t know what would happen [except that] my wife would divorce me [he laughs]. But, I’d throw my hat in the ring, and I’d work my ass off to try and bring this country together.”

A question about the song “2120” off The Circle’s latest album, Crazy Times, started Sammy down this road. The song is about the dangers of erasing history instead of learning from it. For Sammy, it speaks to a larger crack in the world.

“If I could run, I’d go to my music friends—friends on the left, friends on the right—and I’d tell them, ‘We have fans from all walks of life. Let’s do concerts across the country and show people [how it’s done].’ Forget red and blue. We’d make this a purple country.

“We need people trying to mend this huge wound, our great divide. We need to get rid of the hatred.”

Sammy isn’t the only one thinking big picture in Lifestyle’s annual Men of Influence issue.

You’ll also meet the starting fullback for the Miami Dolphins, Alec Ingold, who’s raising awareness about and advocating for foster youth and adoption organizations. It’s not that Alec’s own adoption story is tragic. Just the opposite. His family created such a supportive and empowering environment that Ingold knew, early on, he wanted to pay it forward. He is. Ingold’s foundation is making a difference in the lives of youth from South Florida to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Then there’s Andrew Koenig, our cover subject and CEO of City Furniture. Inspired by the business processes that have driven Toyota to the top of the automotive industry, Andrew, only 40, has turned an already successful company on its philosophical head—setting the stage for a future that couldn’t be brighter.

It’s an honor to feature so many inspired, positive and forward-thinking leaders in the pages of Lifestyle.

Enjoy the issue.

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