Everyone needs a Fernando Alonso in their corner

Everyone needs a Fernando Alonso in their corner.

No, this does not have to do with having a Formula 1 driver as a friend or confidant — although that does sound rather amazing — but rather with the idea of having someone who will show you a little love when you might need it most. A simple gesture, even just a wave, to let you know they’ve got your back.

Ahead of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, F1 had a first-of-its-kind Opening Ceremony featuring numerous musical acts, driver introductions, and more.

As part of those introductions, the drivers were raised up on platforms in front of the crowd, as you can see in this video from McLaren showing Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris:

This process meant the drivers had to wait inside those platforms for a few moments, which opened the door to this incredible moment between Alonso and Nico Hülkenberg. As the Haas driver was waiting to be lifted up and introduced to the crowd alongside teammate Kevin Magnussen, there was Alonso banging on the glass, to show him some love:


F1 drivers are perhaps the most fascinating group of athletes on the planet. With just 20 spots available, they are one of the smallest groups of competitors in sports, which leads to some fierce competition on the track. Believe me, if Alonso feels Hülkenberg is holding him up in qualifying on Friday night, sparks may fly.

But they also seem to have genuine fondness for each other, and relationships that exist beyond on-track rivalries. Whether it is the driver’s group chat that apparently often turns to golf conversations, or attending sporting events together, or last season’s retirement dinner for Sebastian Vettel, they are an absolutely fascinating group of athletes, capable of giving us wholesome moments like this.

Before the action starts for real.

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