Gerber treated this new dad to a year’s worth of baby food after he found a 30-year-old coupon  

Back in January, brand new dad Logan Ivey took to TikTok to share the sweetest story about a 30-year-old Gerber coupon that was gifted to his mom when he was born. Ivey found the coupon—worth a whopping $1—in a congratulations card that had been stashed away in his mom’s memory box.

“Attached to the card was a coupon for a $1 off any Gerber baby item excluding food,” Ivey shared. “And the coupon had no expiration date. So, now at age 30, I’m having my own baby, and I’m going to try to use this coupon that my mom never used.”

He documented his visit to Target, where he tried to use the $1 coupon on a pair of socks worth $9, despite the fact that the adjusted cost of the decades-old credit should now be worth $2.12. Three separate employees had to assist, since there was no barcode for them to punch into the register. But they did issue him the $1 credit, with Ivey adding, “Thank you to my mom for never using this coupon.”

The video racked up more than 17 million views, and it didn’t take long for Gerber to issue the sweetest response. Lori, a Gerber employee for 37 years, was touched by Ivey’s video, noting that she remembers those early ‘90s coupons well. “While it’s incredible that you were able to use our old coupon, we want to offer you something bigger and better and gift you a year’s supply of baby food plus a wardrobe of baby clothes from our friends at Gerber Childrenswear,” she said. “Congratulations to you and your fiancée; we’re so excited for you. And thanks to your mom for hanging on to that coupon. It was so fun to see one of those again. Send us a DM; we promise this offer won’t expire either.” That video racked up a cool 13 million views on the viral video app.

In a truly full circle moment, Ivey and his fiancée received some gift boxes with a slew of wardrobe essentials for their new little love—including plenty of socks. They also issued another coupon, this time for a year’s supply of baby food, and a stunning bouquet of flowers on the day their son was born. Proof positive that the power of social media isn’t all bad.

Here’s hoping the couple is loving every minute with their new bundle of joy, and that their son is loving his adorable new Gerber ‘fits.

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