Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper Are Reportedly Getting Serious

Brad and Gigi are the real deal, according to insiders.

Actor-filmmaker Bradley Cooper and model-cashmere proprietor Gigi Hadid have been publicly dating since October 2023, and their connection has only grown with time, per the latest reports. The pair are in “a full-blown relationship,” a source told People, adding in the rare first person, “I wasn’t sure this was anything other than a casual fling when it started, but it has grown more serious.” This unnamed person also spilled that Hadid had a crush on Cooper before they hooked up, and that these days, “They have a good solid social life and are really happy.” Sounds nice.

A second source told the publication almost the exact same thing, revealing, “Considering how busy they both are with work and family, they have managed to keep this alive and are going strong…Each admires the success of the other, and they have kids in common.” Cooper has a 7-year old daughter and Hadid has a 3-year-old daughter, so that’s definitely something they can both talk about.

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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper have not, however, gone red carpet official or meaningfully interacted on social media, instead opting for the occasional public outing as confirmation of the relationship. They seemed to have an absolute ball together at The Eras Tour in Paris, standing in the VIP section with Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, with whom they’ve occasionally double dated. Kelce opened up about the experience on his podcast, saying, “I got to see Gigi and Bradley. Bradley Cooper, man. B.C., Big Coop. We were all in the suite having a blast. They’re amazing…Of course, Bradley Cooper’s a huge Eagles fan. And he got to see Mom.”

Who needs anonymous sources when we have Travis Kelce giving us the play-by-play of Hollywood’s hottest relationships? Travis, what’s your take on TomDaya?

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