Grammy Nominations: Women Are Dominating Popular Music

It’s time just to say it: the only interesting people making music right now are women.

Just look at the Grammy nominations. Out of all the nominees for the 2024 Grammy Awards, which were announced Friday, only one man, Jon Batiste, will compete for the night’s top prize, Album of the Year.

The rest of the nominees are the same artists who have been dominating both the charts and the zeitgeist for the past several months, so much so that you can probably guess without me even saying their names: Taylor, Olivia, SZA, Miley, Lana. The indie-darling super-group boygenius and the perennially relevant Janelle Monáe round out the group.

It’s a similar list for the Record of the Year Grammy nominations, with Batiste again the sole male in the group. This category also features producer and singer Victoria Monét and Billie Eilish, who is nominated, fittingly for the girl-power category, for her song from the Barbie movie.

In fact, the only male nominee who people were really talking about after the announcement was Ryan Gosling, who snagged a nom for his iconic Barbie song “I’m Just Ken” in the Best Song Written for Visual Media category (Gosling EGOT, anyone?)

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