Grayn’s Inaugural Collection Rejects the Allure of Fast Furniture

If there’s one thing we in the design community can agree on, it’s that fast furniture cannot be depended on to last. Its mass-produced nature and often lower-quality materials tend to deteriorate quickly over time, leading to environmental waste both during production and at the end-of-life cycle. In contrast, the newly launched sustainable furniture brand Grayn wants to reshape the narrative of furniture consumption by creating beautiful, enduring, and intentional collections that are worth the investment. By valuing longevity in design and ethical practices in manufacturing, Grayn aligns with the values increasingly prioritized by today’s conscientious consumers.

Minimalist bedroom interior with a wooden bed and a bedside table featuring a vase of flowers and a lamp.

Founded by Joel Edmondson, Grayn focuses on sustainable decisions from start to finish. It creates every piece of furniture in a workshop based in Bradford, Vermont. By sourcing locally within 500 miles of the workshop, the company keeps its carbon emissions low as less energy is required to transport raw materials. Even the factory is predominantly powered by its own solar panel array. Their emphasis on sustainability has earned it the Sage Award for environmental excellence and the Silver Exemplary Membership Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). By manufacturing in the United States, the brand also ensures fair living wages for its local craftspeople.

A neatly made bed with white bedding in a bright bedroom with sheer curtains and two bedside tables.

A neatly made bed in a bright room with a person standing by the window.

A neatly made bed with a wooden headboard and a nightstand featuring a lamp and a cup.

Grayn’s inaugural collection is designed for the most private and sacred space in one’s home – the bedroom. The Join Bedroom Collection gets its name from the unique theme of intentionally exposed joinery. By highlighting the space between connecting elements, Grayn creates lightness in furniture that is traditionally very bulky and heavy. The collection consists of a bed (with and without an upholstered headboard), a tall dresser, a wide dresser, a bedside table, and a nightstand. Each one is made in two variants: an ebony Shadow Oak and a natural Light Oak. Over time, these elegant pieces will become cherished heirlooms, enriching countless homes instead of ending up in landfills – the true hope of every furniture designer.

A minimalist room with wooden furniture, featuring a dresser, a tall chest of drawers, and a chair, with decorative branches in a vase and a sculptural piece on the dresser.

A wooden sideboard with a vase and dried twigs against a neutral background.

A wooden sideboard with a vase and dried twigs against a neutral background.

A wooden sideboard with a vase and dried twigs against a neutral background.

A wooden sideboard with a vase and dried twigs against a neutral background.

A wooden dresser on a hardwood floor against a white wall.

A minimalist-style room featuring a wooden dresser with black handles, a framed chalkboard with cursive lettering above it, flanked by a green potted plant and a white candle holder.

A minimalistic and contemporary bedroom with a wooden bed frame, white linens, and light wooden furniture under a pitched ceiling with exposed beams.

Modern minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, featuring a wooden dresser, a sculpture, and decorative vases.

Minimalistic wooden bed frame in a white bedroom with exposed ceiling beams.

Modern wooden furniture pieces with clean lines on a white background.

Two wooden nightstands with a single drawer, featuring black handles, against a white background.

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