Here is the full Sean Payton trade with details now known for the Broncos and Saints

We have reached the point in time in the NFL where we now know exactly what the aftermath of the 2023 trade between the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints yielded.

You may be wondering what we are talking about. Remember when Sean Payton made it incredibly obvious that he wanted to coach a team that wasn’t the New Orleans Saints and the Saints were still able to fetch a nice return for him? That!

Last offseason saw Denver and New Orleans come to terms on a deal for Payton, and while the significant detail was a first-round pick in that moment, there were two picks involved in this year’s draft that we can now assign names to.

Broncos received:

  • Sean Payton
  • Saints’ 2024 third-round pick: Traded to the Seattle Seahawks as part of move to get Riley Moss

Saints received:

  • Broncos’ 2023 first-round pick: Bryan Bresee
  • Broncos’ 2024 second-round pick: Traded to the Green Bay Packers (for a pick that Green Bay got in the Aaron Rodgers trade) to select Alabama CB Kool-Aid McKinstry

It should be mentioned up top that the first-round pick New Orleans got from Denver actually passed hands twice. The 29th overall pick went from Denver to New Orleans, because it originally went from the San Francisco 49ers to the Miami Dolphins and then to the Broncos (shoutout Bradley Chubb).

But with the Saints’ trade up for Kool-Aid their fallout from the Sean Payton trade is officially over. Close the book.

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