Here’s what moms’ SUV colors say about their personalities, according to TikTok

Does the color of your SUV reveal anything about you? A new TikTok trend says so. Move over, horoscopes — moms are posting videos to the social media site saying what moms’ SUV colors say about their personalities. So, SUV moms? What color are you?

According to some of the most viral videos on the subject, a mom who drives a white SUV is most likely a “put together” mom who shops at Target and has a favorite drink from Starbucks. A mom who drives a black SUV, on the other hand, is more likely to be a “hot mess” mom, who stops at the Dunkin drive-through when she’s already late for school drop-off.

But some TikTok creators are now pointing out that there are many other SUV colors out there — which points to many other types of moms.

TikTok mom @nicole_obc_rn drives a gray SUV, so her now-viral video delves into what that means.

“Apparently if you drive a white SUV as a mom, you’re the ‘Target mom’ and the ‘Starbies mom.’ And then, if you drive a black SUV, you’re like the ‘Walmart mom’ and the ‘Dunkin’ mom,’” she says. “I don’t have either of those… You guys have left out an entire subculture of mom: the gray SUV mom.”

She continues, “We’re the f*ck around and find out mom. We’re the ‘our window tint is so dark, you can’t see inside because we don’t want you to.’”

And gray SUV moms don’t care where their coffee comes from, as long as the caffeine content is high, Nicole says. In fact, maybe they just go for those crazy lemonades from Panera.

Gray SUV moms have now become a whole thing on TikTok, seemingly inspired by Nicole’s video. Another mom, @sj_golden, added her own take.

“I feel a little bit edgy but not quite there. I give just enough f*cks, I think. It’s the happy medium,” she said.

What about the other colors, though?

The comments sections on all these videos give some answers.

“Red SUV mom here. We bring the chaos. (We ride at dawn!),” one person wrote.

“I’m a silver SUV mom… A gray SUV mom with just a little bit of sparkle,” another added.

What’s your color, and what does it say about you? You’ll just have to head to TikTok to join that conversation.

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