Ivanka Trump Is Playing Dumb In Her Fraud Trial Testimony

Ivanka Trump is claiming that she had no idea how the Trump Organization valued properties and inflated its wealth to get better deals on financing.

Lisa Rubin of MSNBC tweeted from the courtroom:

The basic Ivanka Trump defense is that she knows nothing about everything. The problem is that Ivanka Trump was the point person on some loan deals, and some documents show her involvement.

Ivanka Trump isn’t a defendant in the case, but the New York Attorney General’s office has already proven that she is still financially enmeshed in the Trump Organization, and if the damages assessed reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars, Ivanka Trump stands to lose a lot of money.

Eric, Don Jr. and Donald Trump tried to play dumb on the witness stand. It didn’t work for Don Jr. and Eric Trump. Donald Trump went off on angry monologues and didn’t answer the questions, and Ivanka Trump is flat-out playing dumb.

None of this matters because the Trumps have already been found guilty. It is all a matter of whether or not the Trump family and their business can avoid the corporate death penalty.

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