Jason and Travis Kelce were total unknowns to these ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestants

It might seem like there’s no escaping Jason and Travis Kelce for sports fans today, but that doesn’t mean the NFL’s most famous brothers have fully grasped their crossover appeal.

Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce and former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce were the answer for a topic on Wheel of Fortune, and let’s just say it didn’t go so well. The contestants on the show were on the verge of answering the puzzle, and still struggled to do it. Watch the clip here:

Although it’s a big shock to the system for people who are super deep into the world of sports, it’s also kind of stunning that nobody knows who Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is. It’s pretty wild that Kelce, despite being a three-time Super Bowl champion and also dating the biggest American music artist in the world, can still be rather unknown. Jason Kelce, I kind of understand. The New Heights podcast is popular among sports fans, but they still haven’t made that big crossover into other parts of culture.

On top of that, Kelce played offensive line and people who don’t know ball don’t respect the offensive line so it’s disappointing, but true how many people don’t know Jason Kelce.

What this means is that we simply have to spread the good word of the trenches and great players in the NFL. I want to see Penei Sewell across all major television shows, Dexter Lawrence on Dancing with the Stars, keep pushing our greatest athletes into the limelight!

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