Jayson Tatum’s new leg tattoo sure is something a person could get tattooed on them

Jayson Tatum is no stranger to getting some ink done, but his new leg tattoo is a lot to take in.

An ode to his love of film, Tatum got “LIFE” written on his leg after his favorite movie, the 1999 comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. He then had each letter filled in with his favorite movie characters, which include:

  • Denzel Washington as John Quincy Archibald in John Q
  • Will Smith as Hitch, from Hitch — but more specifically the scene where he had an allergic reaction
  • Wesley Snipes as Sidney Deane in White Men Can’t Jump
  • Dash from The Incredibles

This is really a mixed bag of movies. LIFE is good. I think it was an unabashed cash in on bringing the Bad Boys cast back together, but I don’t have any problems. John Q is a terrible movie and I don’t know how anyone has that on a best of list. Hitch is fun, I think it’s fine. White Men Can’t Jump is a sports movie masterpiece. I love it.

I think The Incredibles is really overrated, but Tatum was six when it came out, so I’ll give him the nostalgia benefit of the doubt. I do think it’s really weird to pick Dash though, because I don’t think anyone’s favorite character in The Incredibles is Dash.

What really hurts looking at this tattoo is the horizontal script with the vertical portraits. I don’t know how you’d make this look better, but it just looks off. The other thing, of course, is why this specific scene from Hitch and Will Smith has questions too.

Ultimately it’s not up for me to judge. If Tatum loves this tattoo then live your LIFE.

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