Jennifer Lopez Just Served Up A Ponytail So Long, We're Still Waiting For The Ending

Jennifer Lopez has given us countless different hairstyles over the years, but she’s also nailed down her go-to signature look: a variation of bouncy midi-length bronde hair, scattered with shiny caramel and honey highlights.

It’s a hairstyle that’s obviously stood the test of time because when Lopez posted a throwback pic to her Instagram on June 27 of her 10 year-old album A.K.A. once again, the singer was seen with her timeless caramel bronde hair. One thing that kept it interesting though was the endless length.

In the picture, Lopez can be seen wearing a red buckle-up Versace bralette, a red latex pencil skirt, a chunky gold medallion chain, and sultry bronzy makeup. Her hair, however, is the showstopper. The singer appears to wear her hair half-up, half-down with a snatched high ponytail falling to below her elbow, and the rest of the length tumbling away past her thigh and out of shot.

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It’s unclear if the shot posted by J.Lo is an original picture from her album or whether she re-created it more recently to pay homage, but we’re going to guess the latter. She assembled an elite glam squad to put together the A.K.A. look, calling on makeup artist Mary Phillips (who counts Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner as clients) and hairstylist Lorenzo Martin (who took care of Jennifer’s effortlessly messy bun at this year’s Met Gala).

Speaking previously, J.Lo explained: “My whole inspiration for this whole era—you know, because each album is its own specific era—was kind of ‘90s supermodel Herb Ritts type of idea. Can we capture something Herb Ritts-esque with this video?,” she said, referencing the famous ’80s and ’90s photographer she wanted to channel in the “First Love” video off the album.

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