Kate Middleton Was Allegedly Spotted Shopping With Prince William Over the Weekend

Kate Middleton was allegedly spotted out and about with Prince William on Saturday, March 16, according to The Sun.

The princess reportedly visited Windsor Farm Shop, which is located approximately one mile from Adelaide Cottage, where she has been convalescing following her abdominal surgery earlier this year.

Per the outlet, Middleton looked “happy, relaxed, and healthy”—and we’ll just have to take their word for it, since there were no images from the outing.

At any other time in history, it would be sort of, kind of believable that the Princes of Wales could get away with an outing sans paparazzi photos. However, when the whole world has been shouting “where’s Kate Middleton?!” at the top of their lungs, the idea that no one snapped even the grainiest, blurriest photo or video is a bit suspect.

The 42-year-old is not expected to make any public appearances on behalf of the royal family until at least the beginning of April, according to Kensington Palace, which stated that she would be in recovery until Easter (March 31).

This sighting comes after two blurry paparazzi photos (which were picked apart and called fake by conspiracy theorists on the internet) of Middleton were published earlier this month. The princess also shared a photo of herself with her children on the UK’s Mother’s Day; that image was later recalled by photo agencies due to evidence of heavy-handed photoshopping. The princess later apologized for her amateur photo editing.

Perhaps after all the hullabaloo online, the Palace went to extreme lengths to ensure there were no photos of this latest outing? I mean, you can’t claim “photoshop” when there’s no photo…

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