Knoll Revives Bauhaus-Era Icons for a Bold New Look

Time to save up your pretty pennies – your favorite Bauhaus classics just got a stunning makeover. Knoll has just launched three ultra-matte finishes – white, black, and an archival dark red – across four of its collections designed by two iconic greats: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. In these new colorways, the reimagined pieces make a new, bold statement with the same innovative spirit of the Bauhaus era.

Modern chair with a red metal frame and black slats, set outdoors against a concrete background.

Wassily Chair \\\ Photo: Adam Jason Cohen

A modern black metal chair placed on a concrete surface with clear blue sky in the background. Steps and a concrete wall are visible to the left.

Wassily Chair \\\ Photo: Adam Jason Cohen

These tubular steel collections include the MR Chair and MR Tables by Mies, as well as Breuer’s Wassily Chair, Cesca Chairs and Stools, and Laccio Tables. They were all designed when Mies and Breuer were both at the Bauhaus institute, unaware of their impact on this significant design movement. For the first time ever, these pieces are being commercially produced in these striking new finishes.

A modern black chair with a curved metal frame casting a shadow on a smooth concrete surface, partially illuminated by sunlight.

MR Side Chair \\\ Photo: Adam Jason Cohen

A single, modern chair with a brown woven seat and metal frame sits on a concrete surface near stairs with metal railings.

MR Armchair \\\ Photo: Adam Jason Cohen

Each color has a deep connection to the Bauhaus: the dark red is a nod to a hue originally offered on the MR chair, while the white and black shades are classic Bauhaus choices known for their ability to manipulate light and accentuate geometry.

A row of five modern, minimalist chairs against a concrete wall with a ventilation panel. The chairs are made of various materials including metal, wood, and plastic, each with a unique design.

From left to right: MR Side Chair, MR Table, Wassily Chair, Laccio Table – Small, Cesca Chair – Armless, and MR Armchair \\\ Photo: Adam Jason Cohen

To celebrate this vibrant new chapter, Knoll collaborated with photographer Adam Jason Cohen to showcase the updated pieces in a photoshoot across four Los Angeles locations, each celebrated for their curved architecture. The modern take on Bauhaus design places the iconic pieces in abstract urban settings, reflecting the movements ideals while giving them a contemporary refresh through color.

Three modern armchairs with tubular metal frames and sleek cushions in black and white against a plain white background.

Wassily Chairs

Jonathan Olivares, Knoll’s SVP of Design, explained the decision to introduce these finishes, saying, “When these pieces were first made by workshops in Germany their frames were painted, giving us a precedent to build on and license to take on the recoloring. Seeing the tubular structures in white, black, and red, the way these colors interact with the seats and backrests, completely changes our perception of the work and allows us to see them with fresh eyes.”

The image shows three modern cantilever chairs with curved metal frames. One chair has a woven seat and backrest, while the other two have sleek black seats and backrests. The background is plain white.

MR Armchair and MR Side Chairs

Three modern chairs in a minimalistic setting: one white, one with a chromed frame and woven seat, and a red stool in the foreground. All are displayed against a white background.

From left to right: Wassily Chair, Laccio Table – Small, and MR Armchair

Four modern cantilever chairs with distinct designs, featuring metal frames and diverse seat materials, are displayed against a plain white background. They vary in colors including red, black, and neutral tones.

MR Armchairs and MR Side Chairs

A group of modern furniture pieces including two chairs, a bench, and a side table, all featuring minimalist designs with metal frames and clean lines, set against a white background.

From left to right: MR Armchair, Laccio Table – Large, MR Table, Wassily Chair, and Cesca Chair – Armless

Four modern chairs in a white studio: two have cane seats and backs with metal frames, one in white and one in red; two have upholstered seats and backs with armrests, one in red and one in brown.

Cesca Chairs

Three modern cantilever chairs with light-colored woven seats and backs. Each chair has a different colored metal frame: red, black, and white, arranged on a plain white background.

Cesca Chairs and Cesca Stool

Two modern glass-top side tables with intersecting tubular metal legs, one in red and the other in black, placed on a white surface.

MR Tables

Three modern nesting tables: a red-bordered table on top of a larger black table, next to a separate smaller black table, all with minimalist metal frames and flat surfaces.

Laccio Tables

To learn more about the revived collections and to add them to your own personal collection, visit

Photography by Adam Jason Cohen as noted, remainder are courtesy of Knoll.

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