Kristi Noem’s Career Death Spiral Worsens As She Bails On CNN

CNN announced that Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SC) abruptly bailed on an interview with the network that was scheduled weeks in advance.

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CNN’s Dana Bash said, “I will say that Governor Noem was scheduled to be on this program Inside Politics today. Her team reached out to us weeks ago to book her, and we reconfirmed earlier this week she abruptly canceled last night. She is welcome on the program anytime.”


The package that CNN played was all accurate and brutal. CNN played clips of Noem struggling in interviews on Newsmax and Fox News. Noem already had a disaster of an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, and frankly, has had nightmare interviews on every channel that she has appeared on since she outed herself as a dog killer who seems proud that she killed a puppy.

It is probably over for Kristi Noem. She won’t be Trump’s running mate. She isn’t going to be a presidential candidate. If Noem’s national political career wasn’t finished before, her round of horrible national interviews likely ended any hope she once had of being a national presence in the Republican Party.

Canceling on CNN signals that even Kristi Noem is realizing it’s over.

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