Lando Norris ‘excited’ to go racing at British Grand Prix after Max Verstappen collision 

Heading into the British Grand Prix, the main topic on everyone’s mind in Formula 1 remained the previous race, last weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix. In particular, the moment where it seemed that everything changed, when Lando Norris and Max Verstappen collided on Lap 64, ending each driver’s chances at bringing home a victory.

Much was said and written — as well as debated — regarding that incident. Beyond the usual queries regarding fault and how the incident was handled by race stewards, many wondered if it would impact the relationship between the two drivers, who are friends away from the track.

At Thursday’s FIA Press Conference ahead of the British Grand Prix Norris addressed the incident, walking back some of his harsher comments in the post-race television pen as well as indicating that the drivers have spoken since the collision and that they are “happy” to just to racing again.

“Honestly, I don’t think he needed to apologize,” said Norris Thursday. “Some of the things I said in the pen after the race were more just because I was frustrated at the time, a lot of adrenaline, a lot of emotions and I probably said some things I didn’t necessarily believe in, especially later on in the week.

“It was tough. It was a pretty pathetic incident in terms of what ended both our races. It wasn’t like a hit, it wasn’t like an obvious bit of contact. It was probably one of the smallest bits of contact you could have, but with a pretty terrible consequence for both of us, especially for myself.”

Pressed on whether Verstappen needed to apologize for the incident Norris conceded that there was no need for an apology and that the two have spoken since the Austrian Grand Prix.

“He doesn’t need to. I don’t expect an apology from him. I don’t think he should apologise,” said Norris. “I thought it was, as reviewed, good racing, at times maybe very close to the edge, but like I said we’ve spoken about it and we’re both happy to go racing again.”

Norris also admitted that there are things he needs to do “slightly” differently in the future, but that he would not be changing his racing style dramatically in future battles with Verstappen.

Nor does he expect anything different from his Red Bull rival.

“I think yes, there are definitely things I need to do slightly differently but in the end of it, I don’t think he’s going to change too much, I don’t think I need to change too much,” said Norris. “Could we have avoided the crash? Definitely, because I easily could have used more kerb. But there’s things from both sides that I’m sure we wanted to do better or in a slightly different way.”

Bringing his comments to a close Norris outlined that more than anything else, he is excited to renew his fight with Verstappen on-track.

“It’s clear how he races. It’s tough, it’s on the limit. It’s what we love, it’s what I love,” Norris said. “I thoroughly enjoyed the whole fight I had with him. Of course it was a shame things ended the way they did. But apart from that, things are clear from what you see on TV and I’m excited to go racing again this weekend.”

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