Libra Tarot Horoscopes: July 2024

There is a chance here for you to realize how much better life can get when you are living in the here and now. Instead of looking backward, or even lingering in the hypotheticals of the future, try to take as much time this month to unplug, try new things, travel somewhere new, or do whatever it takes to stay present. Notice how you feel, what (or who) surrounds you, and what the ground underneath your feet feels like. This is a magical opportunity for you to realize a few things: It’s not so bad where you are, you are so much stronger than you think, and love is already here with you—you don’t need to search for it.

April 2024

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Ten of Wands: You’re realizing what a heavy burden it is that you’ve been carrying around on your shoulders this month, and you will have a choice to make: Put this burden down once and for all, or hurt yourself in the process of carrying it forward. There is no guarantee of happiness in this life, but if you are willing to make choices that subliminally say to yourself, “I love you, and I prioritize you,” you will get to your happiness much sooner.

There is no shame in saying that you can’t keep up with things the way you used to. This month will offer you a chance to thank your past self for protecting you the way that they did, but ultimately choose to make efforts to live a kinder, softer, and more loving life in the present moment. Your past does not define you, but the decisions you make in the present moment will.

March 2024

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Four of Swords: Life is asking you to pause before you take action, Libra. There is some way in which you are throwing yourself into overdrive and your spirit team is warning you against pushing yourself too hard. There’s no sense in pressing down on the gas pedal if you’re running on E. This will be a month when you finally realize that your inner peace is the most important aspect of life, not the amount of money you make, how many people you impress, or how often you can say yes to things.

This is a real opportunity for you to self-prioritize before you get yourself in trouble. If you are unwilling to heed this warning, there might be an external influence that requires you to slow down. You will be better off to slow down on your own, take care of yourself, and rest instead of continuing on in the same way during March. Step off of the hamster wheel for now.

February 2024

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Six of Pentacles: February is going to bring you an opportunity to create balance in your life in a way that may have been missing for the past few months, Libra. It’s okay to acknowledge the parts of your life where you kicked things into overdrive, but to think that you can sustain such a heavy schedule for much longer would be unfair!

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