Lily-Rose Depp Paired Her Cargo Miniskirt With a Baby Tee and Vintage-Inspired Loafers

Lily-Rose Depp has put a spring in her step. Literally. The actor stepped out in that fall favorite footwear—loafers—but wisely chose a warm, light brown, almost a mustard yellow, to make them March-appropriate.

Embracing ‘90s style, the The Idol star paired a simple white baby tee with an cargo-style olive green miniskirt (here’s a similar one!), pulling her hair back with a scrunchie and, of course, accessorizing with black sunglasses. Depp carried It Bag style of the moment, a shoulder-strapped baguette purse, and a canned beverage as she stepped out to grocery shop at—where else?—the West Hollywood Erewhon. Would have killed for her perfectly curly ponytail in middle school.

The most statement-making part of her ensemble, though, is the socks. The question of whether or not, and how, to wear socks with loafers is the subject of at least two Reddit threads, though it seems to be a heavier topic for men than for women. Our take, obviously, is to do whatever you want.

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Lily-Rose Depp is a huge fan of, to put it bluntly, grandma shoes. And always makes it work! Her favorite block heel ballet pumps, also endorsed by Hailey Bieber, can be worn with or without socks. She sported a toe-loop sandal while out with 070 Shake, a style rarely spotted outside coastal cottage communities. And she’s hardly the only one embracing old school comfort over fancy styles while off-duty. On the opposite side of the country, Jennifer Lawrence just took to the streets of New York City wearing cork-soled slip-on clogs with, yes, socks. So it’s official: until the air gets hot hot, we are rocking socks. Which is honestly great because I’m super not in the mood for blisters right now! And they make your pedicure last so much longer.

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