Lindsey Graham Appears To Admit That Trump Is Violating The Logan Act

From what Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Sunday morning, it appears that ex-president Trump is illegally interfering in US foreign policy.

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Graham was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about Trump’s thoughts on an Israel/Saudi Arabia peace deal and said

But I, you know, I’ve talked to President Trump not very long ago. He wants the killing to end. He would like to see peace reign. You know, we’re gonna have an election here in November. But can we save some lives before November? I’m confident that the Abraham Accords put in place the possibility of this deal. If we can get a deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel, it is the Arab-Israeli conflict. It isolates the Iranians. It creates some hope for the Palestinians. It provides security in a real way to Israel. Yeah, I don’t think anybody on the Republican side is going to undercut the deal.

I’m here on national television telling the Biden administration if you can land this deal, I think you’ll have a lot of Republican support in the United States Senate for a treaty between Saudi Arabia and the United States because it’d be good for Israel. It’d be good for the world and I think President Trump will get his fair share of credit by having the Abraham Accords as the foundation of this. So I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about getting the deal done before the clock runs out.


Trump is talking to MBS and has made it clear that he is ok with a peace deal as long as he gets the credit. Senate Republicans are also fine with a peace deal as long as Trump gets the credit. Lindsey Graham tryin to frame the situation as Biden “landing the plane,” which suggests that Trump deserves credit for any deal is laughable.

The only thing that Trump and Jared Kushner accomplished in the Middle East was seemingly lining their own bank accounts.

Trump is interfering in US foreign policy by violating the Logan Act.

What Trump is doing is against the law, and it is one of the many ways that Trump is using his dictator foreign allies to interfere in the presidential election.

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