Lone Wolf’s marketing center released, 1st ‘new gen’ product

In the first release of its “next generation” of real estate software, Lone Wolf Technologies unveiled this week a multi-tiered marketing center.

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In the first release of its “next generation” of real estate software, Lone Wolf Technologies unveiled this week a multi-tiered marketing center, according to a Nov. 9 press release. The product is part of a greater top-to-bottom revamp of Lone Wolf’s industry tech stack, first announced at the T3 Sixty conference last week.

The marketing center was designed to give agents a single sign-on experience to access a range of features for consumer outreach, listing promotion, CMA creation, client home search and open house management. Efficiency can be gained by the user when a multitude of marketing is confined within a uniform environment.

It also helps keep messaging tied together when distributed through multiple channels, improves an agent’s attention to their efforts and helps encourage adoption, a major concern for both proptechs and the brokers who pay them.

Jimmy Kelly, Lone Wolf’’s CEO, has expressed his desire to change the way technology is delivered to agents, saying at the T3 Sixty show, as well as in the most recent press release, that agents are oversaturated with ineffective software.

“Right now, the real estate industry doesn’t need promises — it needs proof that providers can deliver the software it needs for the future,” Kelly said. “It’s more important than ever in today’s market that real estate agents, and especially buyer’s agents, have the tools they need to articulate their value to prospective clients.”

Kelly is referring to recent court cases, and newly filed lawsuits, challenging the way buyer agents are compensated. More clearly, his point is that if consumers are going to pay buyer agents directly, they’re going to want to know what they’re paying for.

“But as we as an organization have said through much of this past year, real estate agents need better software to do that, not more software — and that software is here today in the form of our agent marketing center.“

Relative to more software, Kelly said at the T3 Sixty event that brokerages pay for a lot of software they don’t use. In a bit of sponsored content for Inman, Kelly expounded on his take.

“When you’re running a brokerage, you don’t add a new piece of software on a whim. There’s a process: Identify a need, build a business case, assess options and see if it fits in the budget. You still end up with eight new pieces in a couple of years.”

Lone Wolf’s latest is divided into account levels. The Empower Plan, as described by the company, “focuses on building strong client connections and establishing agents as a go-to resource through powerful, relevant and timely communication strategies.“

The second tier, Amplify, derives its value from lead generation and long-term management of business sources.

Lone Wolf said it has revamped its software products to better address the needs of users at every stage of a home sale, remaining centered on ensuring the brokerage is empowered to make decisions faster and with more information than ever before.

Other new renditions Lone Wolf customers can expect include a new back office solution, a transaction system, and the all-new “BrokerMetrics by Lone Wolf.“ Underpinning it all will be Lone Wolf Foundation, a connected platform designed to transform the way everyone in real estate works, according to the company. The majority of the updates will roll out in early Q1 2024.

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