Maine Vows To Counter If Trump Tries To Steal Nebraska Electoral College Vote

The Maine House majority leader is vowing to counter any move by the Republican governor of Nebraska that would give Trump the state’s lone split electoral college vote.

Politico reported:
The state House majority leader, Maureen Terry, said in a statement on Friday that the Democratic-controlled Legislature would “be compelled to act in order to restore fairness,” should Nebraska’s Republican governor sign legislation that made the state a winner-take-all election in 2024.

“Voters in Maine and voters in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District value their independence, but they also value fairness and playing by the rules,” Terry said. “If Nebraska’s Republican governor and Republican-controlled Legislature were to change their electoral system this late in the cycle in order to unfairly award Donald Trump an additional electoral vote, I think the Maine Legislature would be compelled to act in order to restore fairness to our country’s electoral system.”

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Both Maine and Nebraska currently split their Electoral College votes. Biden is likely pick up a vote in Nebraska and Trump is likely to pick up a vote in Maine. If Nebraska changes to winner take all, Maine will do the same to keep Trump from stealing an Electoral College vote.

Presidential Electoral College map politics are already playing out across the country as both parties expect a closely decided presidential race. The one constant is that Donald Trump knows that he can’t win a free and fair election, so he is constantly trying to game and change the rules in order to cheat his way to victory.

Trump has been pushing for the change in Nebraska since at least last year, but Maine is ready to block any Trump move to sneak back into power through Nebraska.

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