Mariska Hargitay Asking Photogs for a ‘Super Tight' Crop on Her Necklace Has Taken Me Out

I’m not exaggerating when I say Mariska Hargitay may have just delivered the best red carpet moment in history.

At Glamour‘s Women of the Year Awards on November 7, the SVU actor, wearing an extremely cleavage-forward black gown, asked the red carpet photographers to zoom way in on her neckline. So they could see the tiny “B” for Brooke Shields on her delicate necklace, of course.

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“Somebody go super close on my necklace,” Hargitay said in the now viral moment. “Because I’m wearing a ‘B’ for Brooke.” Pointing to the pendant she asked, “Can you see it? Can you go super tight?” Like, are you serious? Look at that little smirk! Look at the way she’s peeking over her sunglasses! I mean! Does she think we can’t see what’s happening here?

The internet agrees with me, by the way. “’Can you go super tight’ YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOINGGG MARISKA,” reads one tweet. “This why Stablers wife wanted him to quit,” reads another. “Nobody was looking at the ‘B’,” said one creator on TikTok. “Not a single person. And I think she knew what she was doing.” Said another TikToker, “What the fuck? It’s a Tuesday. Mother!” The thirst continued on Instagram, where one person commented, “Queen, respectfully, we ain’t see that necklace until you pointed to it. 😭😂😂.” Another Instagram commenter wrote, “the b stands for ‘bro i’m so gay’ she’s so hot it’s not even funny.”

Like, Mariska Hargitay. Mother. Ma’am. Bestie. We are on the floor.

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