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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Embarrassing Herself On Motion To Vacate

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) keeps meeting with Speaker Johnson, threatening him, then embarrassingly giving him more time.

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CNN’s Manu Raju reported:

Marjorie Taylor Greene tells reporters that Mike Johnson has a “pretty short” window to act on her list of demands as she continues to threaten a vote for his ouster.

“Right now the ball is in Mike Johnson’s court. He understands that he needs to be our Republican speaker of the House,” she said. She wouldn’t say if she would move this week as she had vowed to before.

Massie: “If his plan is to drag this out so that the pressure comes off of this, and to drag it out for weeks or days even without making some movement in our direction, then he would just be far better off to have this vote and get it behind him. It doesn’t serve him or us to drag this out. And I’ve communicated that to him.”

They want: Assurances that bills will be taken up only when they have a majority of a majority support (which Ukraine aid didn’t have). Defunding Jack Smith’s probe into Trump (which the Senate would reject). No more aid to Ukraine (though it’s unclear if more aid will be needed this year). CR to impose a 1% across-the-board cut (though fiscal year ends Sept. 30).

“I am so done with words. For me, it’s all about action,” she said

Greene wants Jack Smith and Ukraine defunded, plus a 1% budget cut across the board. None of this is ever going to happen. The motion to vacate is dead. Greene is embarrassing herself by making threats that she clearly can’t back up. No one except for Greene, Gosar, and Massie seems to want the House to be virtually shut down and plunged back into chaos.

Johnson isn’t going to give Greene anything that she wants.

It’s over, and so is the power trip of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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