Marta Kostyuk Just Won Her Wimbledon Match in the Tennis Dress Version of Her Wedding Gown

Clearly, Marta Kostyuk is still in her honeymoon phase with her wedding dress.

In November 2023, the Ukranian tennis pro married her partner George Kyzymenko wearing a stunning wedding dress from an unexpected source: top luxury sportswear brand, Wilson. At first glance, there was nothing overtly sporty about the gown, which featured a plunging neckline a cascade of delicate silk organza flowers. That is, until you see the back, which features straps reminiscent to a particularly elegant sports bra. Tenniscore at its absolute finest.

During a recent interview with Vogue, Kostyuk said she didn’t know what she wanted from her wedding dress, but was looking for something light and flexible. “I think a lot of girls know exactly how they want their wedding dress to look but I had no idea what I wanted, or what I liked,” Kostyuk said. “I wanted something very simple, but at the same time something that you will remember. I just knew that I didn’t want the kind of wedding dress that weighs 200 kilos, or anything that’s either so complicated or so fragile that you can’t move and you can’t enjoy being around people.”

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Three months before her wedding, Kostyuk called on Wilson’s head designer, Joelle Michaeloff. “Wilson has always supported my dreams on the court, but my relationship with the brand goes far beyond tennis,” Kostyuk captioned multiple photos of the dress back in November. “A big shout out and huge thank you to the talented team there that worked around my demanding tour schedule to make another dream come true; a custom, one-of-a-kind wedding dress that turned out even more amazing than I could have imagined.”

The gown “world’s most technical wedding dress” may be one of a kind, but the tennis dress it inspired is not. On July 4, Kostyuk won her match against Australia’s Daria Saville on day four of the Wimbledon Championships wearing Wilson’s new “Marta Dress,” a sporty white tennis frock with the same plunging neckline and straps as her wedding gown.

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