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Mike Johnson Despicably Smears Biden With Un-American Attack

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) responded to the Biden Middle East strikes with an un-American attack on the President.

What Did Mike Johnson Say About Biden’s Middle East Strikes?


Johnson said in a statement about the President’s Middle East strikes:

The tragic deaths of three U.S. troops in Jordan, perpetrated by Iran-backed militias, demanded a clear and forceful response. Unfortunately, the administration waited for a week and telegraphed to the world, including to Iran, the nature of our response. The public handwringing and excessive signaling undercuts our ability to put a decisive end to the barrage of attacks endured over the past few months.

We have suffered more than 150 attacks on U.S. forces, lost American lives, and spent billions of dollars in the region since October. It is long overdue for the Biden administration to admit that its policy of appeasing Iran has been disastrous for the international community and regional stability. We must stand firm against those who would harm Americans, propagate terror, or harm our allies. Now is the time for President Biden to wake up to the reality that his policy of placating Iran has failed.

“To promote peace America must project strength.”

Why Mike Johnson Is A Hypocrite

Speaker Johnson said that America must stand firm against those that would harm its allies, but he is blocking aid to American ally Ukraine that would help them stand firm in their war to remove Putin’s Russian invaders from their country.

Johnson suggested that Biden’s response was weak and that the President should attack Iran, but any attack on Iran directly would be an act of war instead of the promotion of peace. Republicans like Johnson talk a big game about Iran when a Democratic president is in office, but no Republican since the current regime took power decades ago has ever launched strikes inside Iran. Ronald Reagan didn’t do it. George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush didn’t strike inside Iran, and neither did Donald Trump.

The reason is that directly striking Iran would start a war.

Johnson’s attack on Biden was un-American and made the nation look divided and weak in the eyes of its enemies. Smearing the President after American servicemembers were killed on the same day that their bodies were returned to the United States is despicable, and it shows that Mike Johnson is a small-time partisan hack who is not fit to be the speaker.

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