Mindscape and Aesir Interactive unveil open-world adventure Windstorm

Mindscape and Aesir Interactive unveiled Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori, an open-world adventure game coming in September.

The game will debut on early access on Steam, and the developers promises a breathtaking journey through ancient Mongolia.

In Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori, players assume the role of a young courier rider in 13th century Mongolia, tasked with unraveling the mystery of Khiimori, the mythical “wind horse.” {layers will traverse stunning landscapes on horseback, forging an unbreakable bond with their majestic companions. Equipped with realistic equine behavior and animation, the game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Wolfgang Emmer, game director at Munich, Germany-based developer Aesir Interactive, said in a statement, “Our team has been hard at work refining and innovating gameplay to deliver the most realistic horse gameplay experience, approved by experts. We’re eager for players to experience the legendary bond between horse and rider.”

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Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori introduces players to a vast and dynamic open world, where survival and safety hinge on the bond between rider and horse. As players breed, tame, and train their horses, they must navigate through diverse biomes of beautiful yet harsh terrain, strategically planning their routes and mastering the challenges of the wilderness.

Building upon the open-world aspect of the Windstorm series, the game introduces innovative mechanics that allow players to cultivate their nomad camp, manage resources, and train their horses to aid them on their journey. Quests test players’ riding mastery and strategic planning, offering a deeply immersive experience that celebrates the ancient tradition of Mongolian courier riders.

Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori’s early access will invite players to join in the development process and provide valuable feedback. A roadmap of planned updates will be released in the coming months, ensuring that the game evolves based on community input.

Founded in 1991, Amstelveen, The Netherlands-based Mindscape has been a publisher in the video game industry for over three decades. With a diverse portfolio of titles spanning from beloved franchises to innovative new releases, Mindscape continues to captivate gamers of all ages around the world.

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