Mother’s Day Gifts: Immune Boosting Skin and Body Treatments at Carillon Miami

With most of the Florida population Vitamin D deficient, Vitamin DSkin Authority’s Skin Immuni-D science-driven innovation has recently partnered with Carillon Miami Wellness Resort to launch two innovative treatments: The Complete Face Fix and the VitaD Glow Massage. These two new treatments were crafted to strengthen the patient’s skin and look:

Skin Authority Complete Fix Facial

$239 (50 minutes)

The Skin Authority treatment is formulated to boost the skin’s appearance by rejuvenating it and providing a more youthful, even-toned, and radiant look. The Complete Face Fix treatment targets dull and rough skin using a Fear Free Peel followed by the Regenerative GF Complete treatment. The latter uses SGF-4 Technology to heal the skin two times faster with five times the volume. The treatment includes a nourishing spirulina peel-off mask that promotes collagen production, healthy circulation, and accelerated cell renewal. Clinical studies show that this treatment is effective in repairing and correcting imperfections, filling, volumizing, and smoothing uneven textures. It is designed to restore healthy skin function, which can help address a wide range of skin conditions across all skin tones, types, and genders.

Skin Authority VitaD Glow Massage

$239 (50 Minutes) | $359 (80 Minutes)

This therapeutic massage provides immune support to the body and helps prevent skin damage by environmental aggressors. A gentle exfoliating cream made of sugar cane removes dry and depleted skin, while a blend of nourishing and anti-inflammatory oils quench and repair the moisture barrier. The calming and luxurious scent comes from bergamot, cardamom, and jasmine essences. The massage results are enhanced with immune-supporting vitamin D, which helps brighten and restore the skin’s natural glow from head to toe. The treatment also helps prevent the reoccurrence of pigmentation, signs of aging, and inflammation and preserves the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid within the skin. Furthermore, it improves texture and luminosity, resulting in supple and refreshed skin.

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