Netflix announces Virgin River game, Sonic Mania Plus coming to platform

Netflix announced today which new games are launching on its platform in May, including the delayed Braid: Anniversary Edition. The other new titles include retro-styled platformer Sonic Mania Plus, puzzle game Paper Trail, and action-platformer Katana Zero. Netflix also announced its only new game for May, Netflix Stories: Virgin River, an adventure game based on the romance series of the same name.

Netflix’s efforts to include more game offerings on its platform have slowly but surely started to bear fruit. The GTA Trilogy proved to be a surprisingly popular option on mobile, and Hades received a number of positive reviews for its mobile port on Netflix.

According to Netflix, the games come out throughout the month, with Sonic Mania Plus launching today (May 7) and Braid now set to launch next week (May 14). Paper Trails follows on May 21, with Virgin River coming out at the very end of the month on May 29. Katana Zero at present has no release date except some time in May.

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