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Next week, former President George W. Bush will have a public conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine

The former President of the United States George W. Bush will have a conversation next week with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, to emphasize the importance of the US supporting Ukraine’s war against Russia.

This event will be held in Dallas and is open to the public. It comes amid concerns about whether the Republican Party of the former president would continue support for Ukraine.

“Ukraine is the frontline of the struggle for freedom, democracy, and equality. It is literally under attack right now, and the United States must provide the assistance military and others to help Ukraine defend themselves,” David Kramer (managing director for global policy, George W. Bush Institute) stated. “President Bush believes that Ukraine should be supported.”

The Struggle For Freedom will be held at the George W. Bush Presidential Center on Tuesday, just one week after the US midterm election results. Republicans appear likely to win a majority in Congress.

After a private meeting earlier in the year, this will be Zelensky’s first public discussion with the former president. Bush called Zelensky “Winston Churchill” after their first meeting.

The Ukrainian government has voiced its need for continued economic and military assistance, as the war rages on. This is even though the US has already invested more than $18 million into the war.

Kramer acknowledged the existence of isolationist groups in both the Republican party and the Democratic party but said that it was in the best interest of the US to continue supporting Ukraine.

It’s a signal to the country that it is in America’s best interest to support Ukraine. This is a matter where we should forget about party politics and acknowledge the vital importance of US support for Ukraine. Kramer stated that it gives Ukraine the chance to win this war.

There are people on both sides who think that this is not their business. We have enough problems at home. So why would we spend money on such things? He said that it was our business because these things affect us and can affect average Americans.

There have been questions about the ability of lawmakers to provide high-level support for as long as they want.

Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, suggested that Republicans might cut funding for Ukraine last month. However, he later clarified that he was only asking for more oversight of federal funds. A group of progressive Democrats told the Biden administration recently that Ukraine support cannot be achieved without a concerted effort towards a diplomatic ending. However, they were met with intense backlash.

“Russia and Putin must stop in Ukraine if they want to go anywhere else. Kramer stated, “Let’s not forget that Europe has witnessed two world wars.”

Taiwan is another democratic stronghold the West is concerned about, as China may be trying to accelerate its efforts to take over the island. Next week, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen will be present at the event. The recorded message will be delivered to her, and she is expected to emphasize that freedom is a global struggle.

Kramer stated, “My guess is there will be some overlap probably between the broad themes she and President Zelensky, which is that they’re the island of democracy thriving, and wants to live in peace and be left alone but faces this enormous threat not too far away.” “The Communist Party of China is constantly threatening Taiwan’s existence in any way that they can.

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