Notcoin Set to Boost Telegram Crypto Gaming with a $50m Accelerator

  • Notcoin and Helika, an AI-powered analytics firm, are using the Telegram Gaming Accelerator to help game developers create the next wave of Telegram games
  • The first cohort of applications for the accelerator are set to open next week
  • Notcoin is one mini app that uses basic gameplay by giving real crypto rewards during airdrops to its players

Telegram-based Notcoin has announced it’s launching an accelerator – in partnership with Helika, an AI-powered analytics firm – to boost the growing space of Telegram games.

Using The Open Network or TON blockchain, the Telegram Gaming Accelerator will help game developers lead the next wave of Telegram mini app games, according to Notcoin following an announcement on X

Backed by a $50m fund from Helika Accelerate, the pair “will help game studios, mobile apps, and indie developers to build great gaming experiences,” said Notcoin.

Coming off the back of the success of Telegram’s mini apps, Notcoin said on X that the social platform’s user base resulting from the mini apps had become the “new meta.”

The first cohort of applicants for the Telegram Gaming Accelerator is set to open next week.

Rapid growth

Notcoin, which was the first mini app to witness great success, takes an innovative approach to gameplay by including crypto rewards. 

Within weeks of launching, and following an airdrop, in June the NOT token passed the $2bn market capitalisation mark. Since then, and at the time of writing, it has settled around $1.2bn, with one token worth $0.01187.

The altcoin did experience a post-launch plunge of 53% dropping to around $0.006398 and triggering concerns among investors.

Other Telegram-based games that have seen similar success include Hamster Kombat and Catizen, both of which involve users pressing a button during the game. Both of these employ the use of basic gameplay with real crypto rewards through airdrops.

Telegram is diversifying

This latest move from Telegram highlights its intentions to branch out and mix up the number of games on the TON blockchain. By doing so, it hopes to attract a wider audience where they are rewarded through gameplay.

Partnering up with Helika is also a significant move from Notcoin. The AI analytics firm has already worked with gaming company Ubisoft and Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs to include crypto into gameplay.

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