Overwatch 2 crosses over with Transformers in new cosmetics line

Activision Blizzard announced today it is bringing the Transformers franchise to Overwatch 2 with a new line of skins. The crossover launches today and lasts through July 22. It features four skins for Overwatch 2 characters that mimic Autobot or Decepticon armor available to purchase and several cosmetics that players can obtain for free.

These skins include:

  • Optimus Prime Reinhardt
  • Bumblebee Bastion
  • Arcee Illari
  • Megatron Rammatra

Blizzard Studio’s Bobby Kim created the concept art for the crossovers. He said in an interview: “Transformers is one of the best action robot franchises out there, and it gets people’s hearts racing, so I knew this was a project I wanted to take on… I remember watching the TRANSFORMERS series on TV with my eyes wide open as a kid. The robots inspired a lot of kids to let their imaginations run wild. To my eyes, every car on the road looked like it could convert at any time, and I still sometimes daydream about it all these years later. While I didn’t have the chance to own one of the toys back then, being part of this collaboration feels like the coolest gift I could give my childhood self.”

Kim says the Reinhard Prime skin was his favorite one to work on: “Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, and after seeing his fearlessness when charging at Decepticons, I thought he was a perfect fit for Reinhardt. I also couldn’t wait to incorporate Optimus Prime’s silhouette into Reinhardt. When developing the skin, I tried to integrate the sturdy, truck-like design that Optimus Prime is known for, such as the front windshield and the exhaust on the skin’s shoulders, to make him look more like a speeding truck when he charges. I also tried using sharper, angular parts throughout the skin, which I think captured the iconic look of Optimus Prime.”

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