Paige Spiranac opens up “emotionally,” finds love of golf again as her grind is back on

Paige Spiranac is one of the most well-known names on golf social media. Most people know she played in college and professionally, but her primary focus has been growing her brand.

Last year Spiranac shared her anxiety journey throughout her golf career. She often keeps it light on social media, but one of her latest posts was more serious and clearly came straight for the heart.

“I played junior golf, college golf and a year professionally. After that stretch I mentally couldn’t handle playing golf and especially keeping score,” Spiranac wrote. “I equated my score to my self worth. I know it sounds silly but competitive golf really beat me up emotionally. But I’ve found that passion again! I’ve started tracking my scores and grinding on my game.”

There is no specific indication that Spiranac is training to play professional golf again. But the 31-year-old golf influencer is falling back in love with the game.

It takes guts to show vulnerability on social media, especially when someone gets publicly scrutinized as she does.

Recently, Spiranac and Bryson DeChambeau have filmed videos together playing golf, and he has given her drills to help work on her game.

She continues to show she is far more than the pretty face and her social brand. Spiranac wrote a children’s book with her sister. She runs a successful business surrounding golf.

There is not much this blonde bombshell has not accomplished in this industry. For her to share her up and down journey with golf fans adds another level to her overall persona.

Savannah Leigh Richardson is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. For more golf coverage, be sure to follow us @_PlayingThrough on all major social platforms. You can also follow her on Twitter @SportsGirlSL and Instagram @savannah_leigh_sports.

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