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Prosecutors Have Receipts To Back Up Trump Illegal Hush Money Conspiracy

Prosecutors said in court that they have a barrage of emails and phone calls to support their allegation that Trump entered into an illegal hush money conspiracy.


During their opening statement, prosecutors told the court, “You’re going to
see the flurry of text messages, the barrage of phone calls around that meeting.”

CNN’s Dana Bash reacted, “That is fascinating. Very much giving a window into the fact that it’s not just going to be Michael Cohen’s word, or somebody else’s word. Prosecutors are going to bring receipts.”

Those receipts are the problem for Donald Trump in this case. Trump’s lawyers will attack the credibility of the witnesses, but what they are going to struggle to defend against is the physical evidence that Donald Trump engaged in illegal behavior.

It is not Trump’s word versus Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, and other witnesses. It is Trump’s word with no physical evidence to back him.

The big thing that some overlook about this case is that there is a lot of physical evidence against Trump, and how successful the defense is at explaining away that evidence will determine whether or not the ex-president is convicted.

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