Rachel Maddow Connects The Dots Between Trump’s Need For Cash And Paul Manafort’s Return

Rachel Maddow connected Trump’s desperate need for cash and Paul Manafort’s life work of spending Russian oligarch money to advance Putin’s interests.

Maddow said:
His purpose in life at that time was extracting money from Russian interests, from pro-Kremlin interests to serve the interests of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. That was his life’s work.

Paul Manafort has announced today as coming back to the Trump campaign again on the same day that Donald Trump also announces that he is out of money and he cannot secure a bond to pay the half billion court judgment that is due from him one week from today. That is a court judgment. That’s not some bank being asked please pay us back. That’s a court judgment. If he doesn’t pay it, the new York attorney general can start padlocking his buildings and taking everything he owns.

As of one week from today. Donald Trump has never been more desperately in need of money than he is right this sec today, the day it is reported that this guy, for all his baggage, for all his ex con sparkle, this guy is coming back, the guy who specializes in extracting money from Kremlin-aligned interests to serve Vladimir Putin’s long-term goals. I wonder why today of all days is the day we learn that Paul Manafort is coming back.

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Video clips:

This isn’t a difficult one to connect the dots on. Trump is broke, and suddenly, the money man for Russian oligarchs who advance Putin’s interests returns to the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

It is not a coincidence that Manafort is returning.

The difference is that the American people have seen this movie before. Those who are paying attention know why Manafort is in the Trump campaign, and what it means for American national security that he is there.

Donald Trump is running the 2016 playbook all over again, including leaning on help from Putin to get him into the White House.

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